25 Gennaio 2022

Commenti alla presente stagione sportiva

18-09-2012, 23:34
This post has helped me think things thogruh
RE: PmNogEwUDwfpWfHb
04-12-2012, 16:35
It´s a pleasure to find someone who can think so celalry
RE: PmNogEwUDwfpWfHb
06-12-2012, 10:12
Your´s is a point of view where real intlelingcee shines through.
RE: PmNogEwUDwfpWfHb
25-05-2013, 08:00
Free knowledge like this doesn´t just help, it promote deomrccay. Thank you.
RE: PmNogEwUDwfpWfHb
27-05-2013, 07:49
Problem fixed (finally). I removed all the talebs via phpMyAdmin. Deleted plugin and reinstalled. This did NOT work. I removed all the talebs again via phpMyAdmin then I found a zip with the icons for the plugin in my uploads folder and deleted that. Deleted plugin again, and reinstalled it. Now it seems to be working again. After uploading the extended version of the plugin, all icons did not show up, including the plugin icon. The help button didn´t work and was formatted to the left, whereas after finally figuring it out it moved to the right. The icons started working again. Glad to have the plugin, it will be very helpful and client will be happy they will be able to update their menu. However transition from free plugin to the Extended version wasted about 3 hours. There is no documentation on how to make that switch that I could find. Assuming that most people will try the free version before purchasing extended version and then make the switch, a constructive criticism might be to focus on that upgrade process as it was less than desirable. Being able to enter the purchase code or upgrade from the plugin page is the best way I´ve seen to offer an upgrade to a plugin. Just a suggestion. Thanks,Adam

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