25 Gennaio 2022

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Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
18-12-2009, 21:42
ballerino de´ roma
Sarebbe bello vedere qualche foto degli eventi che organizzate, perchè non le inserite nel sito? Fateci un regalino di Natale...dai emoticons gift.gif
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
07-12-2011, 07:59
This could not possibly have been more hlepufl!
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
07-12-2011, 12:24
That´s going to make tihgns a lot easier from here on out.
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
04-04-2012, 07:22
I want to thank you for the little trick (hack llarey) for the IE7 bug. I couldn’t understand why IE7 was not displaying my li a:hover background color. It would display the text-color change, but not the background change (tab effect). A quick direction:ltr fixeda0it.Thanks,
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
05-04-2012, 00:36
The Deer cam is functioning very well .Not sure why your seieng the Blank screen .You may have to update your internet browser but if you were seieng it before you should not be having any problems now May want to Refresh and if that does not work, it must be you operating sytem and internet brownser. It was down for upgrade for a couple weeks but its back on line and rocking and rolling. Hope this helps, and if your having further problems let me know. There have been no other complaints, give it another try.Thanks and keep me updated!!!!!Jay
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
04-07-2012, 16:04
i m looking to build a slmipe iphone radio app with one slide having a player for acc+ or optional rtmp , bacground (480 x 320) , 5 icons for community links, radio ip & port, i would like to modify every layer by an xml file.. could you build it ??
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
05-07-2012, 04:34
Hi Sharon,You new webadsite is just great!! I loved catchading up on the DHS news. Hope to see you this sumadmer. I’m offiadcially retired, now so I will have more time…I think!!
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
06-07-2012, 14:16
Comparing DSL and SliTaz, I still find DSL much better ooitpn.It have much more appz, and 50 MBs ain´t much anyway.Still awesome guide. Twitting and Stumbling it :)hullap: ^_^
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
18-09-2012, 16:46
Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully heplful!
RE: Possiamo vedere qualche foto ?
18-09-2012, 22:54
Just do me a favor and keep wriitng such trenchant analyses, OK?

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